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The new virtual trainers to exercise at all times

To keep the body in an athletic state, it is not necessary to become a muscle block or a gym effigy. The great challenge for these times is to train the will to complete a weekly routine. Both those who always find a justification to suspend the march and those who need a permanent motivation, the training software for the telephone or the smartwatch offer, through educational videos, an intelligent and effective exercise plan.

Thus, at any time of the day and without opening the door of home, one can choose an activity to strengthen legs or abdomen, develop strength, burn calories or even practice yoga. From the wrist, a virtual trainer encourages the participant to complete the series in a timely manner. There are sessions of 15 minutes (for the initiated) up to one hour, with different levels of intensity.

Based on expectations, physical condition, level of motivation and the sports one practices, the software recommends the frequency and days of training per week and chooses the best routine to start the repetitions. And if for some reason one decides to postpone the class, the applications can reschedule it for another schedule or suspend it.

If you are in the living room of your home you can even clone the screen of the phone on a smart TV, to follow the exercises on the big screen. The option of the watch is recommended when one is outdoors since the smartphone, due to its weight and size, becomes difficult to manipulate.

With more than 100 exercises of all disciplines, Nike Training Club is a free platform that motivates through audio and offers short video clips to master each movement. After some questions about the objectives -low down weight, tone up or act in a specific area of ​​the body-, the application designs a personalized method based on the needs of each athlete and adapts progressively to its evolution.

The application, compatible with Apple Watch and Wear OS, was created thanks to the experience of its sponsored athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams. To avoid muscle injuries all practices begin with a warm up and conclude with stretching.

Regarding the mechanisms of motivation, these softwares are solved through interactive communities in which training quotas are shared or competition among users is encouraged. Also by setting goals with different efforts and rewards, the user manages to overcome their own brands.

In the Fitbit orbit, there are several softwares that the brand offers for those who intend to move the skeleton. One of those that grants a greater level of personalization is Fitbit Coach, with training sessions of between 7 and 60 minutes dedicated to the abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs, back and programs for running and walking. All the videos are in Spanish, with several virtual trainers who advise on the postures and the best combinations.

The application uses the clock data to plot custom routines, adjust the objectives and determine the level of fitness. For the most demanding, there is a round of twelve high-intensity exercises that must be completed in 30-second intervals, with 10 seconds of rest between each round. There is a free version with little variety and another with a monthly cost.

Other more specific options in the Fitbit line are Genius Wrist, which incorporates four applications -Gym Genius, Gym Time Pro, Workout Builder and Workout Genius- that propose structured training, visualization tools and productivity.

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