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The Taliban say that the discussion with the US will reach the fourth day in Qatar

The Taliban and US officials of Afghanistan went directly to the fourth day on Thursday. The two sides signed a possible agreement to end Afghanistan’s 17-year conflict. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed to AFP that “the discussion is going on”.

“We will talk later when we reach the agreement,” the spokesman said.

Washington is making efforts to bring peace, which can lead the Taliban’s participation in the next government.

“Both sides are discussing the various aspects of the US troops’ withdrawal,” a senior Taliban commander at an unknown location in Pakistan told AFP that a statement can be issued on this day or on Friday.

The Foreign Ministry also confirmed that the share of the two sides is going on. However, there was no immediate comment from the US embassy in Kabul or NATO.

The US said on Tuesday that talks with the rebels in Qatar had started. Special envoy Jallam Khalijad was visiting the Taliban delegation.

Taliban expert Rahimullah Yusufzai said that continuing the conversation “unprecedented” progress has taken place.

“I have never seen anything like this before,” he said.

“This is the first serious attempt and it has been going on since July they have agreed to show acceptance and have continued to visit, so it is unprecedented.”

The conversation is mainly focused on three main points: Yusufzai thinks that the withdrawal of money from US troops, to protect other countries from Afghan soil and to oppose a potential war-resistance.

Washington wants to talk to the rebels against the Afghan government, but they have rejected Kabul as a US puppet. When Khalija spent a weekend in Pakistan, he met Prime Minister, Imran Khan. During this visit, the envoys of India, China, and Afghanistan were closed.

The US is not the only country engaged in talks with the militants.

Russia and Iran have recently visited the Taliban, while China has also scrutinized. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan are participating in the US effort.

Ateequllah Amarkhail, the military analyst in Kabul, said, “This group has an influence on Pakistan and Russians are also supporting the Taliban.”

“This meeting will continue in the future,” he said.

President Donald Trump has resumed talks a month ago in order to take control of 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan and expressed his eagerness to end the United States’ longest war in 2001, after 11 attacks on September 11.

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