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“We do not know Nicolas Maduro’s government”: US tells Venezuela

The United Nations does not believe that former President Nicolas Maduro has the legal right to break diplomatic relations with the United States.

Washington, United States: Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro has no right to disassociate US diplomats from American political officials after 72 hours of leaving the country.

“Accordingly the United States does not consider former president Nicolas Maduro to have the legal authority to break diplomatic relations with the United States or to declare our diplomats persona non grata.”

The statement added that Washington, President of the Legislative Assembly Juan Guaido, who decided to declare himself as an “executive president”, welcomed the new leader’s decision to maintain diplomatic relations with all countries.

“The interim President of the United States of America, Juan Guaido, is a democratically elected National Assembly and Venezuelan people who have peacefully issued constitutional orders to their countries.

“We stand ready to support interim President Guaido as he establishes a transitional government and carries out his constitutional duties as interim President, including determining the status of diplomatic representatives in the United States and other countries.”

This is closed with the help of the Venezuelan military, which supported its support to keep Madurola on hold, “To protect the welfare and well-being of all Venezuelan citizens as well as U.S. and other foreign citizens in Venezuela.”

“The United States will take appropriate action to hold accountable for anyone who responsible for the safety and security of our mission.” the statement warned.

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