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Huawei Says a Bug Triggered To EMUI For Delete Pictures Saved From Twitter

Earlier this week, a story made the rounds about Huawei deleting images downloaded from the Twitter app. Several users were able to replicate this issue in this thread on the Android subreddit, which is where the issue was first spotted. Basically, the user downloads an image from the Twitter app and a notification from “Huawei System Services” immediately pops up and says “Twitter has deleted a photo from Gallery.” Needless to say, users were pretty freaked out about this. The company has finally released a statement on the situation.

Having investigated the problem, Huawei has discovered that whenever users of bound devices transfer picture victimization specific builds of the Twitter app (version 7.78.0 and 7.77.0), the app can mechanically produce a folder of the identical name because of the image and promptly delete it within the background. This action triggers Huawei’s inbuilt image protection alert, inflicting the system to give notice the user of the deletion. However, the photographs don’t seem to be affected. Users could realize their pictures at the subsequent location: File Manager/picture/Twitter.

People were worried that Huawei was intentionally blocking users from downloading images through some sort of backdoor. It sounds more like this is simply a very strange bug. Neither Huawei nor Twitter is deleting the images. They are in fact safe in the Twitter folder, but the way the app handles the process in the background triggered the alert. Huawei is currently talking with Twitter to resolve the issue. We don’t know if it will require a system update or simply an app update. Thankfully, this issue isn’t as serious as originally thought.

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