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The Microsoft 365 Subscription Bundle is Coming Soon For Customers

Microsoft plans to release a bundle version of Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10 for general customers. In a meeting with select journalists, CEO Satya Nadella on Monday indicated that Microsoft launched the 365 bundles. He was speaking while answering a question about Microsoft’s Customer Center. Since 2017 Microsoft already offers the same bundle for business and schools. The customer does not share the timeframe for the release of the bundle.

In a report of The Virgin, Satya Nadella says that there are some mistakes made by Microsoft as “just being a software company, let us enter each category”. A Redmond-based company is now upgrading course-correction and wise wisdom to its war. Microsoft 365 bundle release for customers will be part of the new strategies.

“I think about Microsoft 365 about a two-way market.” We are working with Office 365, or soon we will talk about Microsoft 365 Consumer Subscriptions, “Nadeela told reporters.

According to ZDNet’s report of December 2018, customer bundle will be called Microsoft 365 Consumer, similar to Skills and Business Bundle. Last month the customer had seen the list of bundled related jobs. This company worked to introduce a customer-focused version of the Microsoft 365 bundle.

Business and school bundles also store many other features and products other than Windows OS and Office 365, but customer bundles may come with additional products, such as OneDrive storage space. Price details are also mysterious at this time, however, we know that like other bundles, they will also have a subscription product with monthly and annual prices.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is considering annoyance with its Cortana policy and will no longer compete with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistants. Instead, the company will work as a voice assistant with a competitor platform as a skill or an app.

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